Our services

The Elenco team consists of engineers and installers who are ready to help our customers on a daily basis where necessary. Each of our employees are experts in their field. Through smooth internal + external cooperation and partnerships, we can always guarantee the best service. 

Elenco_machine vision

Machine vision

With machine vision technology we want to improve your production environment by boosting production efficiency. An automatic inspection process in the right position can improve quality and reduce costs. Besides quality control, traceability is also important for many markets. We have developed our own framework called Titan on top of Halcon to improve usability, reduce project costs and shorten lead times. Simple vision tasks can be configured with a few mouse clicks. If you need to dive deeper, we have a script environment where you can dig down to pixel level.


For our machine controllers we mainly use hardware from brands such as Beckhoff and Siemens. We are open to exploring new options as we understand that each customer has its standards and specific needs. We are specialized in engineering and programming controllers and their HMIs. Besides PLC programming, we also do a large part of the industrial PC programming: MES implementations, customized SCADA solutions, Windows based HMI, …


Our electrical schematics are designed in EPLAN. This software package is the industry standard for creating professional schematics in an efficient way. We ensure that the schematics we supply are very detailed and meet the applicable standards.

Electrical panel construction

Once the schematics are engineered they are ready to be converted to reality. The electrical are constructed by in-house installation experts who work closely together with the electrical engineers. We also do series production for several machine builders.