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The Elenco team consists of engineers and installers who are ready to help our customers on a daily basis where necessary. Each of our employees are experts in their field. Through smooth internal + external cooperation and partnerships, we can always guarantee the best service. 

Elenco Machine Vision

Vision & measuring systems

Vision & measurement systems are here to stay in the world of industrial automation. These advanced technologies combine optical and sensor technology to provide accurate insight into manufacturing processes and quality control. Vision systems are used to recognize, inspect and track objects (think barcode scanning, QR codes,…).

Measurement systems, on the other hand, perform precise measurements, such as dimensional control and positioning.

Through advanced algorithms and machine learning, vision and measurement systems enable manufacturers to detect defects, ensure product quality and optimize production processes.

PLC/PC programming

We specialize in engineering and programming PLC controllers and their HMI’s. In addition to PLC programming, we also do industrial PC programming. Think about working on MES implementations, custom SCADA solutions, Windows-based HMI, …

Since we are an official Beckhoff Solution Provider, this hardware & software has no secrets for us.

In addition, we have quite a number of customers whose entire production runs on Siemens or Omron hardware & software.

Elenco_PLC programmeren
Industriële elektrotechnieken Elenco

Industrial electrical engineering

Our electrical schematics are drawn in EPLAN. This software package is the industry standard for drawing professional schematics. We guarantee that the schematics we deliver are highly detailed and comply with applicable (safety) standards.

Once the electrical schematics are ready, they are converted into reality. The electrical control and distribution panels are built in-house by our installation experts, who work closely with our engineers.

In addition, we also provide the cabling and cable calculation to connect machines according to the provided schedule. If necessary, we also provide the necessary safety curtains with finger, hand or walk-in protection.

Collaborative robots

Repetitive, time-consuming, heavy and dirty tasks typically performed by an operator, can be easily accomplished by collaborative robots. This allows operators to use their time more efficiently and will improve workplace ergonomics.

Thanks to user-friendly software and 3D visualizations, they are easy to configure by any operator.

Moreover, cobots are very lightweight, space-saving and easy to re-implement in other applications without changing the production setup (no fencing required).

Moving the cobot to another line is thus quick and easy if needed, providing flexibility to automate even small batches and frequent line changes.

Cobot Elenco