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Testimonial Itsme Breemes

We start 2021 with a nice article from our supplier Itsme Breemes. Breemes is distributor of electrotechnical components to industrial end-users, machine builders and technical installers.

In this testimonial, manager Thomas explains how the collaboration between Elenco and Itsme Breemes is progressing for larger projects and how Elenco has evolved as a company over the past few years.

Short preview:

Just recently, they took care of the electrification of a cooling tower, a large project at a global stainless steel producer where a new production line was installed. During the production process a lot of heat is being released; part of this heat can’t be reused and is being transported to a cooling tower. As a result, it requires a solid external cooling tower. Elenco provided its entire electrical section, from building the power boards, controlling the pumps and ventilators to designing a PLC that drives the necessary valves and frequency converters. And, of course, this also had to be provided with software.

Steven Claes joined Elenco in his capacity as technical representative at itsme Breemes, steady partner of Elenco for the supply of electrotechnical materials. “Because Siemens is strong in automation, this brand was a must for our end customer. For cabinet building, we looked at various suppliers. Rittal was able to provide the best technical substance to the end customer’s wishes, because of the use of rail copper in their cabinets and because they can supply large distribution boards”, says Steven. Both Rittal and Siemens were involved from the beginning in the talks to arrive at the right solution; itsme Breemes closed the circle so that the correct components, information  and offers could be delivered to Elenco at the right time.

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