PalCobot provides breakthrough!

Article ‘Made in Limburg’

Elenco has developed a new cobot that allows to stack boxes and other products automatically on a pallet. “This proprietary machine is the culmination of a heavy investment program, which includes the move to a new building in Zwartberg.”

Elenco is a company based in Genk that is specialized in industrial automation and everything that comes with it. For example, Thomas and Johan Richard provide installations for industrial sign construction or write software of PLC controls. “In addition, we optimize productions using machine vision technology,” says Thomas Richard. “We have invested heavily, including the development of our own cobot for palletization.”

PalCobot ensures that for example boxes are taken off a conveyor belt and stacked on a pallet according to a pattern to be chosen (see video below). “We have also written the software to compose this pattern ourselves, including an intelligent wizard that can automatically suggest stacking patterns”.

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