ViPick Flexible Feeder

The Elenco ViPick® Flexible Feeder helps you feed unoriented parts into your production line. It combines machine vision with robotics to provide you with a best in class solution for flexible feeding. Once the parts are recognized by the camera and picked up with the robot, it can place them in a carrier or assemble them directly into your product. This way of working allows you to feed almost any part with a minimum of customization. Flexible feeding makes sure your investment is protected as you can quickly deal with changing geometries.

ViPick flexible feeder
ViPick flexible feeder concept

Do you have a problem with feeding complex parts or are you looking for a solution which is able to cope with fast changing product specifications?
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  • Product independent (LEAN)
  • Quick product changeover
  • Complex geometries possible
  • Using standard components
  • No wear parts

How does it work?

Like most feeding solutions the bulk parts are fed into a hopper unit. The hopper unit has a capacity that matches the required machine autonomy. When the hopper unit vibrates, it transports the parts to the next section of the machine. This section is a rotating and vibrating bowl which is able to flip and spread the parts. On the bottom there is the possibility to put a lighting solution which acts as background light for the machine vision camera on top. This camera is used to localize the parts. Once the location is known, a delta type robot picks up the parts and hands them over to the next part of your production process. The delta robot is available in various sizes and comes with 3, 4 or 5 degrees of freedom.

When a product changeover is needed, all you have to do is empty the feeding unit and select a different program on the intuitive HMI. It's that easy! Teaching new product types is something a trained operator is able to perform by himself. This way even changing product requirements are no problem for this flexible feeder. 


With some options we can tailor this feeder to fit your needs.

  • Various sizes
    • Bowl size from 350mm to 800mm diameter
    • Delta robot size from 500mm to 1600mm reach
  • 3, 4 or 5 degrees of freedom for the delta robot system
  • 2D or 3D camera
  • Various hopper sizes