About Elenco

Thanks to more than 30 years of experience and know-how in industrial electricity, Elenco is an established name in the world of factory automation. Experience combined with knowledge enables us to meet all your technical challenges. We then turn the challenges into a tailor-made project. 

Project approach

Elenco hardware integrator

Analyse: Through a thorough analysis of the project we try to propose to you the best solution. We take many important factors into account like your requirements, integration time, cost and legal obligations.

Execution: In this phase we prepare the installation as much as possible. We start drawing the electrical schematics, program the needed software and test as much of the installation in-house as possible. Sometimes this can be functional testing of the electrical cabinet, sometimes this can be even a whole machine simulation.

Installation: The actual installation will be carried out with the utmost care.

Testing: During the testing phase the installation will be tested to correct potential mistakes that were made during the previous phases. We won't hesitate to perfect the design if we see the chance to do it.

Service: After installation we stay at your disposal to fix possible defects that show up while the installation has been running for some time.u kunt op ons rekenen als u alleen assistentie nodig heeft tijdens één van deze fasen.

Our mission

We want to help our customers produce their products faster, more accurately and in a safe way. To achieve this, we use the latest technologies in the automation and IT world. In this way we try to build a bridge between the rapidly changing IT market and the factory floor.

Elenco team